A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T

Growing up with an architect as a father has molded how I view green and man made landscapes. His outlook has been a major influence on how I view structures - informing not only the way I look at buildings, but all physical forms. Printmaking allows a layering approach based on building forms. Through the possibility of multiples, layers of color shifts, and material exploration, each component naturally leads and adds to textural 2D imagery. Systems and design in the natural world are parallel to the geometric design aesthetic I favor. I enjoy translating those matrices I've experienced in travel into my prints. From viewing citruses to rice paddies with a structural and basic approach, I translate observations into my own blueprints. I am comfortable with the unknown and prefer to recycle and reuse found objects for unexpected textures. While making 2D work I continuously find myself creating sculpture like compositions or translating print on to materials that can be used to experience print through an installation.

Reach me at Molloprints[at]gmail[dot]com