F L o W E R P o W E R

I recently relocated my hot glue gun and have been using scrap prints at the studio while monitoring to create people's favorite flowers or make greeting cards to send out. Here are just a few of what I've been making! 

Getting a Bit Showy

For First Friday this February 5th I've been collaborating with my friend, Billy Green who does sculpture and digital work. We're basing our pieces off of synapses. I've been printing these plexi sheets at Second State Press which will be hung as blinds so light can be projected through them. I used tape to make impromptu geometric stencils informed by the imagery of synapses, neurons and the brain.

Here's a sneak peek! It'll be at the Vox building on the 5th Floor : 319 N. 11th St #3, Philadelphia, PA 19107 from 6-10